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Call, text, or email us with any questions you have about our services. We are happy to help and understand that many times our services are needed in response to a security breach. 

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Residential Services


The essential protection for every home.  Featuring a hardened steel bolt with a full 1 inch throw. We can match your existing key and we stock popular finishes such as Bright Brass, Satin Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Brass. Other finishes are available within a day or two, so no matter what your decor we’ve got a lock to match.


Stop losing keys and never be locked out again. Change codes as often as you need, and have peace of mind. We've tested and tried many of these locks and can recommend the ones that stand up to years of use. Today, there are more options that match your decor and blend in with your style.


Save time and money - we can repair broken locks and damaged doors. Whether the door has been kicked in, split apart or the locks superglued shut, we’ve seen it all. We have reinforcing plates that cover the damage and once installed, make the door and frame stronger than it was! 


Not sure who has keys to your home?  Have your locks rekeyed now. If you’ve recently purchased a home, this is essential.  Keys may have been loaned out to neighbors, pet sitters, just about anyone could have a key! Typically this service is less expensive than buying all new locks, and avoids the hassle of installing new locks.


Your product or ours - we professionally install quality hardware that will beautify your home.  We’ve worked on patio doors with multipoint locks from brands like Andersen, Hoppe, Pella, and Fuhr to massive ornate doors with Baldwin and Emtek locks. Feel free to give us a call with your project, we don’t mind answering questions and love helping people out!



Our Central Station is equipped to monitor your business for fire, burglar, smoke or CO2 alarms, and is backed by industry standard Underwriters Laboratory certification. All of our systems communicate with the Central Station via a secure, dedicated cellular uplink. When required, our staff can dispatch police, fire or medical personnel to respond to your emergency.


If it's part of a door, around a door, or on the door...chances are Security Lock Service can repair it! We service doors and frames of all types: wood, aluminum and glass storefront, hollow metal, pre-finished steel, and FRP. Some of our most common services are for sagging doors, doors that won't close or lock, and repairing doors that don't pass fire inspection.


No matter who installed it, Security Lock can service your existing electronic locks. We have experience with brands such as Alarm Lock, Kantech, Cansec, Keyscan, Keri, Rosslare, Paxton, Honeywell, ICT, and many many more. We can also solve integration headaches with other devices such as mag locks, automatic door operators, and burglar alarm systems. If it's controlling a door, we can help!


Is your existing CCTV equipment not up to the job? Without running new wires, we can upgrade old, low resolution cameras to High Definition 1080p cameras. Security Lock & Alarm installs and repairs cabling, cameras, and recording equipment. Our technicians are equipped with state of the art testing devices and have the skill to troubleshoot your system.


Do you know who has keys to your building? Having the lock rekeyed puts you in control. Security Lock offers rekeying of standard locks, master keyed locks and keying systems, and high security patent protected keys. 

Commercil double steel door with window

Inside or outside, we install and replace commercial doors. One of our most common services is removing and replacing mortar backed steel frames that have swelled and rusted. We offer commercial doors and frames from Steelcraft, Rediframe, Timely, Daybar, Five Lakes Lumber, Special-Lite, and Ramco. 


Existing customers, please call and leave a message 810-227-5153 ext 3.

You can also text us at 810-227-5153 with your service request

All voicemails are forwarded to the tech on call, so PLEASE be sure to leave your message...otherwise we won't know you called! 

If you are calling for an auto lockout, we recommend Corrigan Towing 810-225-2000

Residential Services
Commercial Services
Emergency Services
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